Bicycle Accidents

I'm an avid bike rider myself, being as careful as I can, wearing a helmet every time I ride, but I pray every time I ride that I won't be hit by an inattentive driver, or one of the few that has something "in" for bike riders. With more and more bikes on the roads, the frequency of injuries while riding is increasing.

Collisions with bicycle riders can happen in a variety of venues — in a bike lane, in a crosswalk or intersection, on the open road or a busy highway. Motorists who refuse to share driving space with bicyclists put them at risk for severe injuries. Many bicycle injuries are caused by what is known as being "doored," that is, a negligent driver opening his door right into a bicyclist's path. It's against the law, and negligent, for a driver to open his or her door without looking to see that the path is clear. Even the opening of a door, causing a bike rider to swerve into traffic, puts fault and liability on the negligent door opener and even if that driver has no car insurance, it is possible we can collect money for the damages you suffer. Give us a call and we'll look into it for you, and press your claim aggressively to collect all the damages you are due.

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