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What's the effect of Covid Pandemic on court and UM claims?


The Covid Pandemic has ravaged society, with effects on every level of everyday life.   And it has also affected court cases and uninsured motorist cases, though in different ways.  For the most part, courts are shut down for in person hearings, and jury trials have ground to a halt.  None.  And who knows when it will be safe to resume in person jury trials

But the surprising good news is that uninsured and underinsured motorist cases are actually moving faster, in most cases.   Cases are proceeding by zoom or telephone process and the meetings are easy to schedule, with the typically busy-in-court lawyers now working remotely or at least with freed up schedules due to no court appearances

I have handled both hearings for clients on UM and UIM claims on Zoom, and have served as claimant's arbitrator on Zoom dozens of times in the past year.   The UM and UIM claims are moving forward, quickly and fairly in the time of Covid.

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