Pernicious Offer on Uninsured Motorist Claim by Liberty Mutual

Just yesterday I had an infuriating encounter with an adjuster for Liberty Mutual. My client was injured in a car accident, hit by a drunk driver without insurance, and incurred over $34,000 in medical bills, plus she was unable to work for over a month. After taking longer than necessary to "analyze" the medical bills and records, and knowing (unfortunatly) that the maximum payable under the policy was only $25,000, the claims adjuster still tried to nickel and dime my client by offering less than the policy limit. I gave her ten minutes to increase the offer to the policy limit of $25,000, which she did. But it's infuriating that the company my client was faithfully paying premium dollars to would even try a slick move like that. It's outrageous, and shows both the side of Liberty Mutual on this particular case, and the need for good representation in most every case. Let me know if I can help you on a car accident, uninsured motorist, hit and run or underinsured motorist claim.

And this a good place to repeat my mantra, you MUST have adequate insurance OF YOUR OWN for a circumstance like this. You never know if the person who causes you harm has any insurance or enough insurance. At a minimum, get yourself 100/300 UM and UIM coverage and $25,000 medpay coverage. You rarely need it, but if you do, you have the protection for you, your family members and anyone riding in your car. It's really important.

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