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Nursing Home Abuse

There are few things more heartbreaking than to see your mother, father or relative neglected and abused while at a nursing home. Abuse may occur at even the “best” of nursing homes. An attentive and dedicated staff is crucial to safeguard the health of their residents, and the infirm and elderly deserve that attentive care in the later years of their lives.

Bedsores, the result of neglect and failure to move patients, are painful and a too frequent occurrence. If you discover a loved one suffering from bedsores at a nursing facility, it is important to take pictures, document the injury and call us immediately for legal intervention.

Many falls occur at nursing homes that could have been prevented. Patients and residents have varying degrees of strength and mobility, but that doesn’t stop the proud resident from trying to move on their own. Those attempts often lead to falls and broken bones, which are extremely dangerous to the elderly. Many do not survive and may not be candidates for surgical intervention due to other medical conditions. It’s awful and many of those falls could have been prevented with attentive care.

Mistakes are made at nursing homes in administering medications or wrong dosage mistakes. Severe consequences or death may be the unfortunate result. Likewise, failure to seek hospital care for illness or new conditions may lead to premature death at a nursing facility.

If you suspect your mother, father or relative is not getting the care they deserve, or there are signs of injury, trauma or illness that just aren’t right, please call for immediate action, call for a no cost consultation to Mannis Law.

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