Premises Liability

Slip and Falls, leaking water, badly shoveled ice and snow, barriers or impediments to easy access, slippery stairs, grapes on the produce floor, bad lighting, doors at the top of the stairs, bad railings and more. Much more. There are so many defects that lead to injury, and often serious injury at homes, offices, stores, and a myriad of other places. It is the responsibility of the owner of the premises, whatever they are, to maintain a safe place for people to visit. And there are so many bad conditions that can develop that make a place unsafe, leading to injuries and claims against the owner and those responsible to keep the premises safe. Yes, the law says you have to look where you're walking, but hidden defects, bad lighting and unavoidable dangers can lead to serious injuries and the claims that follow.

Many cases of injury involving Premises Liability can be settled before the necessity of filing a lawsuit. As with any claim, it's important that you get prompt, appropriate medical care right from the scene and that you follow doctor's orders for subsequent care. No matter where you're hurt, it's very important, in fact it's crucial, that you make a report of the incident so that the owner of the premises knows what has happened. Many stores have video that we can request and they need to know to save it. And with all medical care, in the end, the hospital and doctor's records will establish most of what's happened to you, so if it's not in the records, the insurance companies will cut the value of your claim substantially.

If you've been hurt as a result of an unsafe condition of any kind while you're out living your life, give us a call at Michael D. Mannis, Ltd., so we can evaluate your potential claim. It's crucial that you take photographs of the defect that caused you to fall. If you cannot get photos on your phone or another way, we will quickly get a photographer to the premises, before it's fixed, before the ice melts, before the area is changed. Call us at Michael D. Mannis, Ltd, asap, to maximize the chances of prevailing for full value on a premises liability claim.

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