I was referred to Mr Mannis after I had an accident and I would most definitely recommend him as a lawyer to everyone I know. He was very nice throughout the whole process and made sure to always keep me updated on ever step of the way on top of making sure my injuries were healing. His assistant, Tiffany, was awesome and they both work with you and are more than willing to answer any questions at any time. I am very happy with how easy Mr Mannis made the case and how hard he worked to get things settled. If I ever need any legal help he is the one I would turn to first!

-Sheyry L

When my wife and I got his by and SUV while we were riding along on our Vespa, Mr. Mannis wasn't our first call - but he should have been. Thankfully after two less than pleasant intakes, my wife found Mr. Mannis through a friends referral and our experience in dealing with the aftermath greatly improved. Mr. Mannis was competent, showed great negotiation skill, and was generally a warm and caring lawyer (which I hear is a rarity). I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Mannis to anyone who is looking for a personal injury lawyer, anyone who has been involved with a motorcycle accident, or anyone who has been hit by an uninsured/underinsured/or hit and run driver.

-Kristina M.

Mike and his assistant Tiffany were great. Always responded to calls or emails in a timely manner. They also worked diligently to get the best settlement for my accident. I plan to use his services when needed in the future. I also highly recommend him. 

-Annie W.

Thanks for your help!

-Ellen M.

Michael, Thank you very much for your knowledgeable counsel, and sound advise! Your time and upbeat tone is greatly appreciated. Even though, I likely wont end up needing an attorney, I would recommend you to a friend that did.


Thanks again for your assistance.

-Michelle M.

Very professional, quick response and compassionate

-Nichole D.

Michael was more than willing to walk me through a few options I had regarding my insurance claim. He is one of the only attorneys that took the time to discuss my situation and offer his honest opinion even after he realized my case wasn't one that necessitated his services.

-Harry J.

Mannis and secretary responded to my request, and started the legal process right away, and always kepted me informed and had my best interest.

-Thenta W.

All I will say.. he is my lawyer. If I ever need one again. My trust is with him.

-Gabriel W.

Not only would I recommend Michael D.Mannis, I already have too many people I know. Michael is very forthright about every aspect of my case. He is one of the most prepared attorneys I have ever met, he handled my case with, what seemed to me, to be the utmost care and attention. He isn't someone that will take your case and have you wondering what is happening with your case or what he is doing. He’s busy, but that is because he is good. He and his staff were absolutely professional and personable. You will not find a better attorney anywhere guaranteed. My case turned out better than I had hoped for. Thank You.

-Shqipe G.

It was a great pleasure working with Mr. Mannis. Great guy. First to understand the work that has to be done, fights for the best for his clients. Just great overall experience.

-Shederick R.