Claimants UM and UIM Appointed Arbitrator

It's been my privilege to serve as appointed arbitrator on hundreds of UM and UIM claims. I have been appointed only by claimant/ plaintiff's attorneys and enjoy both the process of the UM arbitration as well as my assumed role of keeping the case moving. With calls, emails and outreach, I know that I've been instrumental in getting cases to a final resolution, within the pressures of the appointing attorney's schedule. For some reason, UM and UIM cases often get pushed to the bottom of the calendar, they're the first cases to get delayed or postponed.  To me, the UM and UIM claims are often the "low hanging fruit" of the plaintiff's PI practice.

Beyond keeping your cases moving, I've been excited to help plaintiff's attorney understand and navigate the UM and UIM process. With example forms, advice and my experience, I can help you make sure you're on track with all the necessities of the successful UM claim. Most of my own UM and UIM claims are concluded, with a hearing or settlement, within 9-12 months of my opening the claim. There's no reason most cases can't move that fast.

As a member of ITLA, I've helped many, many ITLA members keep their UM claims moving, and I try to respond to the various inquiries on the listserve. While Illinois doesn't recognize lawyer "specialties," I have concentrated in UM and UIM process, law and procedure for many years, because (shield your eyes!) I love it!

Please call me at 312-704-4300 if you have questions on UM (Uninsured Motorist) or UIM (Underinsured Motorist) arbitration or procedure. Some motel chain says they'll keep the light on for you, and I'll keep your client's case moving!

Call us at 312-704-4300