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Do I Have Enough Auto Insurance?

  • By: Michael Mannis, Esq.
  • Published: December 17, 2020

How much insurance do you really need? Well, the short answer is “the more the better” but it gets expensive, right? That said, my strong advice is that you need AT LEAST coverage of 100/300 to be “minimally adequately insured.” So what does 100/300 mean? It means that maximum payment to you or anyone in your car injured in a car crash is capped at $100,000. And if someone is badly hurt, getting to $100,000 in damages doesn’t take very long.

The reason you need this much coverage is that you’re buying both liability coverage, protection for yourself in case you hurt someone, PLUS, you are buying coverage for YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR PASSENGERS in case you’re hit and injured by someone without enough insurance.

A typical ambulance transport costs over $2000 these days, and I see ER bills over $10,000 just about every day. Then add in doctor visits, physical therapy, followup testing, time off from work, and pain and suffering and you have a claim that often approaches or exceeds that $100,000 limit.

The State of Illinois provides for mandatory insurance, and says that every policy must be at least $25,000 in coverage. It isn’t enough. The insurance companies love it, knowing that the maximum they’ll ever pay, no matter how serious a case, is $25,000. Even if your case is worth $63,000, they’ll only pay $25,000, leaving you short.

I talk to people every day, giving them advice on how much insurance to get, and which insurance companies to stay away from. Do it now, BEFORE you need it! Call me, Mike Mannis, at (312) 704-4300 and I’ll give you my best advice, no charge. It’s important.

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