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I’m Hurt And I Don’t Have Medical Insurance!

  • By: Michael Mannis, Esq.
  • Published: December 18, 2020

Medical insurance isn’t so streamlined in America. The latest statistics reveal that, even after the creation of the Affordable Care Act, there are millions and millions of people without health insurance. So what will you do for medical care if you’ve been in a car crash or otherwise hurt where it’s someone else’s fault?

If you’re hurt, regardless of having health insurance or not, you’ll be taken by ambulance to the ER. And get the treatment and testing that you need. Thankfully, most ERs treat you first, and worry about insurance later. Now, if you have health coverage, give them that information. If you do not have medical insurance, the hospital, upon learning that you have a claim to make, will file a “lien” with the other driver’s insurance company. A filed lien means that they’ll be contacted at the time of proposed settlement and receive payment, though not always in full, from the settlement.

But what about follow up care, seeing a doctor or getting physical therapy and other treatment? If you don’t have medical insurance and a health network to rely on, there are many doctors and clinic that will also perform the health care you need now, and wait until your case is over to be paid. The fact that they can file a lien and now payment will come someday is crucial and so important to knowing you can get treatment now, when you need it.

I have had clients who have waited, in severe pain or with disabilities, thinking they could not get medical care because they had no health coverage. That’s not the case and I invite you, if that’s your situation, to give me a call and see if there are solutions for you. Consultation is always without charge, and no fee until and unless we collect money on your behalf.

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