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Fire Trucks outside my Apt today!


The sirens could be heard from blocks away, and then about ten fire trucks, ambulances and a hook and ladder truck came down my street and stopped, the firemen jumping out of their trucks, grabbing tanks, hoses and axes, and headed inside to the loft building across the street.   Quite a commotion, that luckily was either very minor, or a total false alarm.  Ten minutes later they started re-emerging, packed up and were soon on their way.  Phew!

But it made me think, what if there had been some disaster, to persons or property.  You need to have renter's insurance.   Obviously, when you own a home or condo, insurance is required by the lender if you have a mortgage. But so many renters skip or skimp on renter's insurance.  Key components are coverage for your belongings, and payment for medical bills if a guest is injured in your unit.  It can happen.  A trip and fall, a cooking mishap,  who knows.

So make sure you have renters insurance, with at least $10,000 in medical coverage and enough to replace anything of yours that could be lost due to fire, flood and other calamities.    False alarm this morning, but you never know.

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