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Bicyclist Hit By Left Turning Car: $125,000

My client had the right of way, traveling north on LaSalle when a car made a left turn onto Wacker before the left turn arrow lit for the car. A broken wrist was the result and after action in court, we secured a meaningful settlement.

Rideshare Settlement

My client was involved i a significant rideshare incident and a confidential settlement was reached on the claim. The rideshare companies all insist on confidentiality upon reaching settlement, and we abide by that agreement. With the rise of populariy of rideshare companies, and many people learning they can live without a car of their own, there’s a meteoric rise in the number of claims involving rideshare tragedies, mishaps and incidents.

Nursing Home Neglect: $350,000

Our client was compensated for the terrible bedsores he suffered when he was neglected by the staff of the nursing home where he resided. Payment was made when the nursing home realized that they had shirked their responsibility to look after him diligently and they failed to prevent the bedsores.

Premises Liability: $450,000

We secured a settlement, after years of court litigation, for a client who slipped down a defective ladder while being hired to work on someone’s home. The ladder wasn’t safe and couldn’t be secured properly. It was an unstable ladder and our client suffered fracture injuries to his feet and heels.

Auto Accident Claim: $60,000

Our client was visiting Chicago from Canada and was hit by an uninsured driver. She suffered a torn meniscus. We ended up dealing with her insurance company located in Canada, but we insisted on using the laws that govern uninsured and underinsured motorist claims in Illinois, where the injury occurred. Once we were able to establish that the laws of Illinois uninsured motorist ruled, we were able to settle the claim.

Wrongful Death: Confidential Settlement

In a terribly tragic accident, a child lost his life after his mother lost control of the family vehicle. It was heartbreaking for everyone, and we quickly handled all aspects of negotiation, paperwork and resolution, putting away money for the other children in the family to pay for college and other expenses later on.

Trucking Accident: $1,000,000

Our client was an owner operator of a vehicle transport business and was hit from behind by another truck. He sustained serious injuries that eventually resulted in lumbar surgery and lumbar fusion. The case was litigated and negotiated with co counsel. Compensation was awarded for medical bills, pain, lost income and his loss of normal life. He is again able to work, but not to the capacity he had before.

Car Accident: $250,000

Our client was involved in a pretty typical auto accident and suffered neck and back injury, receiving physical therapy and recovering well. However, when I received an offer to settle his case I asked him if he had any other problems that started with the accident. He told me that his shoulder had been bothering him but he hadn’t done anything about it. I insisted he have it examined and he was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff. After undergoing rotator cuff repair surgery, we settled his case for the policy maximum.

We have settled, tried, arbitrated and mediated thousands of cases successfully over the years. What is listed above are some examples of success on different types of cases and some unusual circumstances. Please call us directly if you or a loved one has been hurt in any event that was not your fault. Phone calls and consultations are free and we don’t charge a dime until and unless the claim comes to a settlement or verdict! Call us at (312) 704-4300.

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