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Personal Injury – Do I Need A Lawyer?

After suffering a serious personal injury, your first question may be “Do I need a lawyer?” The answer, clearly, is “Yes, you need a lawyer.” Every claim can have twists and turns and part of your lawyer’s work is to investigate all possible avenues for maximum compensation for you, and be the gatekeeper for information with the insurance companies and entities who will do everything they can to grab YOUR money. Think of it this way: The insurance companies already have money set aside for you, and from that point forward, they will do everything in their power to pay you as little as possible, as long as you sign on their dotted line. They may smile, they may appear to be nice and caring, and maybe they actually are, but in the end, the insurance company looks at you as a number (your claim number) and a minimal settlement check. That’s the way it is.

Again, the answer is “Yes, you need an lawyer.” From the advice you get as your claim starts, to coordinating the final payments on the case, what we do is work only for you to maximize the value of your claim. Not for the hospitals, not for the doctors, not for the law firm. Only for you. Everyone has their hand out when someone gets hurt in an accident; our job is to pay those with outstanding bills fairly, and no more than what the law allows.

Call me for a free consultation. You will only pay an attorney’s fee when your case settles, no charge of any kind along the way. And if, in the rare instance, I think you can do things on your own, or you truly do not need a lawyer, I’ll tell you exactly that, and give you a roadmap to get you to the end without any charge at all.

To the Question: “Do I need a lawyer?” the answer is: “Yes, you need a lawyer.” It’s crucial, with rare exception.

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