Hit and Run

Have you been hurt by a hit and run driver? It happens all the time and it's terrible! Why do deadbeats hit and run? It's usually one of these two reasons: they're driving impaired, drunk or under the influence, Or they don't have any auto insurance. It's criminal, immoral and infuriating that someone would hurt you or a loved one, and take off.

The good news is that you own insurance coverage protects you, up to the limits of your policy, for harm done to you by a hit and run motorist. Medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages are covered, if you are the victim of a hit and run driver.

Hit and Run claims have different procedures for resolution from cases where a person is hit by a known car with insurance. When you call us at Michael D. Mannis, Ltd, we will immediately begin protecting you and your claim. We have long and vast experience with hit and run cases with every insurance company, from the biggest to the rinkiest of the dinkiest. In the end, we've collected settlements from every one of them.  Millions.

I'll be glad to give you an overview of how the claim will proceed, the steps along the way and a timeline for bringing your case to a swift close. We're aggressive on hit and run cases, I move them quickly and for all the compensation you're entitled to. Call Michael D. Mannis, Ltd. for a free and no obligation consultation today.

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