Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Dogs do NOT get "one free bite." If you have been injured as a result of a dog bite or any other animal related injury, you likely have a claim to make under the Illinois Animal Control Act. A person who owns a pet has a responsibility to keep the pet controlled and not in a position to inflict harm to anyone. And landlords have a duty to keep dangerous animals away, even from tenants' homes.  

We've handled many dog bite cases at Michael D. Mannis, Ltd. Pet owners are usually covered for damages by their homeowner's insurance policies, and even if someone is a renter, they will be covered by their renter's insurance, if they have that coverage. But here's something to know as well: If a dog has been vicious before, and a landlord knows about it, he or she (and their insurance company) can be on the hook for any damages claimed from a later bite. A vicious dog makes any premises unsafe and a landlord should let their renter know that they have to remove the dog!

Besides dog bites, we have won cases where dogs have knocked people down and hurt them, where dogs have lunged or attacked and caused someone to fall or otherwise hurt themselves and other means of injury involving dogs and other animals. If you or a loved one has been hurt as a result of any animal, give us a call at Michael D. Mannis, Ltd. and let's see if there's something to work with.

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