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The Basics On Car Insurance

All insurance is great until you need it, then you’ll find out if your company (or the other guy’s company) is any good, or borders on the criminal! You can’t control who the insurance company is for the person who hit you, but you can control both the company and types of coverage YOU have.

Here Are The Basics:

Don’t use a fly by night agency or rinky dink company for your insurance. You’ll pay for it in the end. Delayed claims, bad coverage, inadequate coverage, can’t get through to claims handler, used parts for your car repair, run around after run around. Who’s coming out ahead on rinky dink insurance? Wow!

Stick with one of the established and bigger car insurance companies. I’ve handled cases against every single company out there, none of them put out a tablecloth for a picnic, but the big companies respond to their claims with assigned adjusters and usually returned phone calls. I strongly caution against Allstate these days. They think every single medical bill is too high and won’t pay it, including ambulance and ER bills. It’s part of their new cost saving strategy and great enhances the chances that you’ll need to go to court on your case.

And while I’m on a rant, what is this about Liberty “only pay for what you need?” campaign? You NEED atleast 100/300 coverage in case anything happens. What you don’t need is the lowest price for insurance, leaving you severely underinsured. 

Insist on UM and UIM coverage (Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist) in an amount of at least $100,000 per person. It’s crucial and it’s not much more expensive than minimum limit coverage of only $25,000 per person. That minimum coverage just isn’t enough.

Medical Payments Coverage provides money to pay medical bills for you and your passengers, and covers you if you’re injured as a passenger in someone else’s car. $2000 (not enough) or $5000 (still not enough) is standard on many big company policies, $10,000 or $25,000 is better. And for not much more money. If you’re in an accident, taken to the hospital with a suspected concussion, your bills can add up fast, even if you’re ok. 

Your auto insurance covers you, your family members and passengers in your car. It also extends to cover you and family members you live with (and living away from home college students) if you or they are passengers in someone else’s car, or even on a bicycle or as a pedestrian. If any injury accident occurs, please call us to see if coverage you may not consider applies to the injuries and accident. You might be shockingly surprised. No charge, free consultation. Call Mannis Law at (312) 704-4300.

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